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1-9 people with average energy bills that total more than £1,000 per year.

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10 - 99 employees with average bills below £22,000 per year.

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100+ employees with average bills that exceed £22,000 per year.

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Your property may be losing lots of energy, if you have not had an energy audit carried out you may not realise this. Energy you are paying for is lost from many places. All properties can be audited and works carried out to make them more energy efficient. Reduce energy expect to save you anything from 10% to 60% on your energy bills. Contact us to see how much YOU could save.


We give you the expert view on where you are wasting energy and the most economical way of reducing loss. Our audits provide you with a report identifying what you can do, how much this will cost and how long it will take to pay back from the energy saving made. Measures like changing your lightbulbs, upgrading your heating controls, changing your boiler, installing insulation or even solar panels. We know exactly what the best options for your particular property are and we can detail savings expected as well as timelines for savings to be made.


We also help to ensure you are not over paying for your energy. We take a look at your suppliers and how much energy you have used under your contracts. We check invoice accuracy to ensure you are only paying for what you have used and then we look to see if we could switch suppliers to get better contract rates. We know the energy market and our consultants can ‘forecast’ ahead or take advantage of ‘bulk buying’ contracts, meaning we get you the best energy rates.


We can specify, supply and fit a whole range of energy saving measures and energy generating technologies. If you are planning a building refurbishment or new build project we can help you to make it 100% energy efficient and maybe even make you money in the process. We specialise in ALL energy reduction techniques and therefore can look at the most appropriate solution for your property. We may even be able to help with Government backed loans or private finance packages that help to pay for it all.


We monitor your energy useage to improve your energy efficiency and to spot areas of energy loss. We then recommend areas of improvement and help you to work towards energy reduction. Our energy monitoring software monitors every aspect of your energy usage, providing a detailed picture of where you are using energy, where its being ‘lost’ and helping to identify how we can save it. We save you ££££££’.